Coming Events

Further work on the Coming Events database and:

It’s now much easier to enter your event details

* If you want to enter a recurring event – when you click on the SUBMIT EVENT button, and your entry is acknowledged with a “Thanks!” message. Now click on the Back Button (top left-hand corner of your browser window, the arrow pointing to the left) and you will find the event details awaiting there – just change the date or whatever details have changed for the next event you want to submit. Now submit this new event; you can do this unlimited times.

* We’re working on having a live feed (RSS) set up for this page.  This will mean that links are live, and each time you open the webpage you will have the latest event information at your fingertips. In the meantime, please use the Refresh function built in to your browser. In some browser programs you use the F5 key and in some it’s Ctrl+R.

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