Feedback from Waihi East School

Magnificent Madam Butterfly

On Thursday 17th of May Jacqui Knight (the butterfly lady who drove all the way from Russell) came to Waihi East School to share her information about all the different types and kinds of butterflies such as the Red Admiral and the Monarch – or kahuku which is the Maori name for it, which means ‘colourful coat’.
She encouraged us to help the environment so the butterflies can live peacefully. There are many amazing facts that I have learnt from Madam Butterfly who has been trying to help butterflies for 40 years now, especially Monarch Butterflies. We were told that the moth and butterflies are family, but one of the differences between them are that a moth makes cocoons and that butterflies make chrysalis. There are less than 100 butterflies in NZ and there are about 20,000 different species of butterflies all around the world. Madam Butterfly has travelled all over NZ teaching children, and says she loves her job.

By Josephine Mueggenburg
10 years Rm 2 Waihi East School

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