Flying away …

Madam Butterfly is flitting off to the USA…

I will be in the company of Mary Parkinson, from Tauranga, another Butterfly Lady, responsible for much of the hard work behind the Te Puna Quarry Park Butterfly Garden.

We hope to be keeping our blog up to date daily, telling you about our adventures… about what we learn, what we see. Please check back here often and add your comments!

2 Responses to “Flying away …”

  1. Beverley Says:

    Trust you have coped with all the flying and jetlag and are ready to enjoy your time in the States. I look forward to your log. love from Beverley

  2. Roger (UK) Says:

    Jacqui and Mary

    Very pleased you are having a whale of a time. I aim to see the Monarch roost at Pismo Beach midway between SF and LA. US web information on the rare dune Blues very thorough and informative. They have all sorts of butterfly preservation implications. I think first words when we meet in San Diego will have to be something like “Dr Livingstone I presume” Shall email before leaving England then communication will have to be via your cellphone. Do you have any point of reference (hotel name etc) in case communications fail?


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