Fun in the Far North

I’m currently travelling in the Far North of New Zealand and thought you might enjoy these two photos I took yesterday.

One is of my dog (Sheltie, Bonnie) on Ninety Mile Beach – top left-hand corner of NZ – which is actually more like 90 kilometres long, or about 50 miles.

The other was of a woman farmer who was taking bales of hay to feed out to her cattle. I passed her on the road – she could hardly see – so I U-turned and went back and took some photos of her.

I’m having fun (visiting schools for the charity that I work for, Duffy Books in Homes). Some of our little schools are very remote so I get to all the nooks and crannies of NZ.

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  1. Richard Says:

    Great photos Jacqui! The North of NZ sounds great. Your job does too! I work in Distance Ed here in Perth, so have kids all around the State, but work in sight of the city!


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