Feedback from Waihi East School

Today (17/5/07) Jacqui Knight, also known as Madam Butterfly, visited Waihi East School. She has also been to 50 other schools in NZ, wow! She has been trying for 40 years to help butterflies, especially Monarchs. She helps the environment so it can be a better home for NZ’s beautiful butterflies. Madam Butterfly has traveled quite a lot around NZ and now she has driven down from Russell to give us a few tips about butterflies.
The Maori name for Monarch Butterflies is Kahuku, which means colourful coat. Amazingly, there are 20,000 species of butterfly in the world.
The difference between male and female Monarchs is that the female has dark black lines on her wings and the male has skinny ones – and males have two dots (scent pouches) on their wings instead.
Madam Butterfly says that she hasn’t traveled to different countries yet, but she would love to, she also said that she loves doing presentations in front of children, if they are a good audience, because she thinks that we could help nature too.
We learnt a lot more things about butterflies and we really enjoyed it.
I just want to say a great big thanks and I think it’s wonderful what Madam Butterfly is doing!!!

By Jordy Bardin
Year 5 9yrs Waihi East School

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