Feedback from Waihi East School

Magnificent Madam Butterfly (Jacqui Knight)

On Thursday the 17th of May Madam Butterfly came to Waihi East School to talk about different types of butterflies, such as the Red Admiral and the Monarch. She has been teaching students around NZ for over 40 years now and loves her job. There are about 20 thousand different species of butterflies in the world but there is less than 100 species in NZ.
Did you know that a caterpillar’s first meal is its egg which it is born from, and within 4 minutes a caterpillar can eat a whole swan plant leaf. It takes 10-14 days before a caterpillar is ready to become a chrysalis
Once a butterfly has hatched it has a lot of caterpillar blood in it and has to pump it into its wings before it can fly.
I really enjoyed Madam Butterfly’s presentation. It was really interesting.

By Ruby Twyford
Year 6 Age:10

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