Jacqui Knight has been a part of the Russell scene since 1996 or 1997. At first she began business by setting up the RUSSELL LIGHTS newspaper, and edited that for nearly nine years.

Noting the need for some economic development drivers, she was instrumental in setting up the charitable trust ENTERPRISE RUSSELL, which embarked on projects of benefit to the Russell economy such as the administration of the RUSSELL KIWI PROJECT and the annual ENVIRONMENTAL EXPO.

She also initiated the RUSSELL COMMUNITY EMAIL LIST, a bit like an internet-based Neighbourhood Watch scheme. (It’s free to receive emails about power outages, lost and found property and pets, notices re events, closures etc – just send an email to rcommunity @ orcon.net.nz).

And now in 2007 she’s focussing on working for the Monarch Butterfly NZ Trust, driving the Russell taxi, some desktop publishing, planting of gardens to encourage butterflies, butterfly releases, chrysalis gift packs, and offering a shuttle or taxi service to the Russell community.

Butterfly releases, chrysalis gift packs, and Russell taxi driver