Visit to Omokoroa Point School

The children here were delightful. Afterwards I received their thanks, and these individual comments from children in Room 3:

Thank you for visiting Omokoroa Point School. We really enjoyed your presentation as it was visual and lots of fun too. Some children from Room 3 have comments, things they enjoyed and learnt.

Tamera – I enjoyed Mrs Kenny getting dressed up as a butterfly. I liked seeing the wings with the dots.

Memphis- I learnt that butterflies come out of the chrysalis.

Natasha- Monarch Butterflies lay eggs on the plants and the caterpillars eat the eggshell.

Kohl- I liked your car because it has butterflies and caterpillars on it.

Garth- I learnt how to hold a butterfly properly.

Deanna- I learnt to be careful when holding butterflies.

Ruby -I learnt about that butterflies taste with their feet.

Katie- I enjoyed seeing Mrs Kenny dressed up with her big eyes.

Maeve – I learnt that if you find a butterfly you get your two fingers and pick it up.

Fynn -I enjoyed Mrs Kenny dressing up. I saw antennas and 6 feet and the tongue.

Tane- I learnt that the Monarch butterflies have a proboscis and they suck the nectar out of flowers.

Emi – There are not many Monarch butterflies around here now because it is Winter.

Brenna -I saw a bunch of butterflies in a tree when I watched on the screen.

Ellie – I learnt that in the Winter some butterflies fly to Mexico.

Casper – I learnt when a caterpillar comes out of its egg it eats the eggshell.

We couldn’t remember if you told us how butterflies hear. Do they hear with their antennae?

Some butterflies (I am told) can hear, but their hearing is certainly not as sharp as ours.

Here are some photographs of the presentation: